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Destiny Wiringi

March 14th, 2015

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Released: Mar 13, 2015

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Sitch by Destiny Wiringi

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Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Sitch lets you know when you have friends close by!

If you have friends within 1km (just over half a mile) Sitch will let you know. If you have iOS8, you will receive a notification even if you're not in the app! You will be sent a pop up notification if a friend is close, which is great if you're at the same mall, festival or in a nearby club. It makes it easy to catch up with people and see what their Sitch (Situation) is.

The great thing about Sitch is that's all it does - it lets you know when friends are close by. It doesn't show your location so you still maintain your privacy. If you are within 1km (just over half a mile) of any of your Sitch contacts, you will receive a notification. If you have a contact who is added through your telephone contact list, you will be given the option to SMS or call them. If the contact is added through Facebook and there are no contact numbers, you are given the option to message them.

Some of Sitch's cool features include:-

- SMART NOTIFICATIONS: Sitch will send you a notification if you have a friend nearby so you don't have to be in the app to check (iOS8 only)

- THERE ARE NO MAPS: Your contacts don't need to see exactly where you are - they just need to know that you are close by. So if you're somewhere you shouldn't be, they won't know

- ONE CLICK TO STOP YOUR CONTACTS RECEIVING A NOTIFICATION: It's as easy as clicking one button to hide your location. By doing this, you become invisible to your contacts. Handy if you're on a date or don't want to be disturbed

RECEIVING NOTIFICATIONS: It is as simple as clicking on a contacts name to block and unblock them from receiving notifications. It's handy if you don't want to decline a friend request but also don't want that contact receiving a notification if you are nearby

- BACKGROUND UPDATES: Sitch runs in the background so you don't have to be in the app to update your location every time you move

We all lead busy lives and don't have time to let each and every one of our friends know where we are going and when we are going to be there. It's just pure luck if we happen to bump into them while we are out. If a friend checks in on Facebook, you have to be on Facebook to actually see when and where they checked in (that's if it has popped up on your newsfeed). And let's face it, if you're at a club, you're not exactly going to be on Facebook looking where friends have checked in.

You would generally only add contacts that you want to catch up with. If you get requests from people that you don't really want to catch up with but don't want them to know you have declined their request, you can turn off their notifications with one simple click. You still show up in their friends list but they won't know if you're close by. It's almost like blocking someone on Facebook without them knowing. And it's just as easy to "unblock" them.

Imagine you are at a club and your friends are ready to go home. You want to stay out, but not by yourself, so you reluctantly go home after failing to twist someone's arm to stay out with you. You find out later on that another friend was also out and was only around the corner.

With Sitch, the sitch could have turned out completely different. You would have received a notification that another friend is nearby so you send an SMS and find out they're just around the corner. You make a plan to meet up, meaning you don't have to go home and end up having one of the best nights ever.

What about if you're at the mall and a friend you haven't seen for months is also at the mall. She walks past a shop while you're inside and you both carry on shopping without crossing paths even though you're so close. With Sitch, the situation is so different. You both receive a notification and organise to catch up for a coffee and a few laughs.

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